Blogging for Business

Blogging is about writing your own stuff on the web. No need for a webmaster, just you, the computer and an audience.

This is an enormously powerful tool for business. Have you just finished a job you are particularly proud of? Blog about it. Do you want to demonstrate you have got to grips with some development in your field? Blog about it. Special offers, new products, new and better equipment, new staff … you get the picture.

Just one thing, you need a website with a content management system (CMS) to be able to blog. If your website is based on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete or another CMS, you are ready to get started. If you don’t have a blogging facility or don’t know how to use it, get in touch and we can help.

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Joomla 1.5 websites

Joomla is a popular Content Management System (CMS) that allows website owners to take charge of the content on their website. It has been through a number of versions lately and if your website is on an early version, you may find this article useful.

Joomla is currently at version 3.2. This version will be supported for at least two years and the only action required is to apply the regular incremental patches. These serial numbered patches are bug-fixes and security updates to fix recently identified issues. At writing, the current patch level is v3.2.2.

If your website is on the Joomla v2.5 range, you are also in a good place. The patch level here is v2.5.18 and Joomla v2.5 will be supported for around another year.

By the way, if you are wondering how to find out what version you are on, log in to your administrator area and you will see the version number displayed either top right or at the bottom of the page.

If you find that your version number is in the range v1.5 you do need to consider taking some action.

Joomla v1.5 is now obsolete and unsupported. Because it has been around so long, hackers are familiar with how to compromise it. Website maintainers and hosting companies are seeing a lot of hacking of Joomla v1.5 websites. Some hosting companies are now starting to introduce a policy of refusing to host v1.5 websites because of the nuisance that they cause.

If your website hosting company contacts you to say that they will no longer host your Joomla v1.5 website, you need to act quickly. If they offer an automated upgrade to a new version, DO NOT accept it. The reason for this is that there is no 100% succesful automated path to upgrade v1.5. A process exists to migrate your data to a higher version, but this will inevitably break the design of your website and probably most of your extension functionality. If the hosting company runs the automated upgrade process, they will get rid of their problem (a vulnerable website) but will leave you with a big problem, a broken website.


If you have a Joomla v1.5 website, I strongly recommend that you contact a website designer or developer to plan for an upgrade to a newer version. The process will involve an evaluation of your web hosting arrangements, the creation of a new template, migration of your data and the deployment of extension functionality.

Vapour Trail have managed a number of Joomla v1.5 upgrades and will be happy work with you on yours. There will be a cost involved and we will be happy to provide a quote for the work involved.

If you have a Joomla v1.5 website, don’t panic but do plan. Your website is an important part of your business and deserves care and attention.

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We have been working with the Joomla Content Management System for over 5 years. Since the early versions it has evolved to become a stable, easy to use CMS for a medium sized business. There is a huge range of extensions that facilitate all kinds of functionality.

If you have an old Joomla website that needs updating we would be interested to talk to you.

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