All About the WordPress Theme

Websites are designed to present to the viewer in a controlled way. Headers, sidebars and footers all appear in defined places. Consistent fonts and colours will be used throughout. When the website based on WordPress, the “rules” for the appearance of the website are contained in the theme

The WordPress theme is a package of instructions that tell the browser how to display the website.

The WordPress theme is independedent of the website data, so by changing the theme, the look of the website can be completely changed.

Themes can down-loaded for free from the web, bought “off the shelf” or be created specifically for the website.

Free Themes

The biggest source for free Themes is WordPress’s own Theme Repository. At the time of writing, there are over 2000 freely available Themes for download. Any of these Themes can be used as part of our Small Business Website package. You will need to do the research and tell us which one.

There are other sources of free Themes on the web. Search for “free WordPress Themes” and follow the results.

In the course of your investigations, you may find a Premium Theme that you rather like. If you want to use that for your website, that’s fine, we wil pass on the cost of the Premium Theme.

If you want a completely original design, to reflect branding perhaps, we can provide that as a bespoke design. Once you have provided your requirements, we will be happy to quote you on creating a bespoke design.

Google SEO Guide

If you do a Google search on how to do SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you will find thousands of pages all making various claims. Some of these folks will no doubt know what they are doing, others won’t. How do you best spend your precious time?

Since most people search with Google, how about looking at what they have to say?

Luckily Google have published an SEO guide to help you optimise your website and it can be found here …

This guide is full of really good stuff and is thoroughly recommended. However if you read about updating the Description metatag and think “how on earth do I do that?” you may have a bit of a problem. You may need a Content Management System (CMS) to get access to your website’s pages and make those all important changes.

At Vapour Trail we never forget that your website is all about your content and your image. As such we want to make it easy for you to take control of your content and that includes your own SEO. Our standard offering for small businesses, is a website based on the WordPress CMS. This website also includes the Yoast SEO plug-in which provides instant analysis of your SEO efforts.

These CMS based websites start at only £249.

So take a look at the Google SEO guide. If your website doesn’t allow you to make the SEO changes you need, then talk to us about a website that does.

We’re on 0333 123 0004 (local rate in the UK from all phones). It would be great to talk to you.