A New Look with WordPress Themes

Let’s have a think about how a website looks: the layout, colours, font and styling generally. If a website is static i.e. made up of separate HTML pages, the styling is part of the page. But if your website uses a theme or template, it is much easier to change the appearance.

Our preferred Content Management System (CMS) is WordPress which uses a WordPress theme to control appearance. Simply by changing the theme, it’s possible to give your website a whole new look. The content will remain the same but will be presented in a new way. This opens up exciting new possibilities. Your website can be updated as often as you want for minimal effort. You can have seasonal changes: a Christmas theme, an Easter theme and so on. Most themes also allow a degree of customisation: background image changes, changed text colours or similar.

WordPres Themes are available for free download or to purchase at reasonable prices. For example Themify have some great contemporary designs. Or you can even have a WordPress theme created to your bespoke requirements.

So if you are tired of your old website design, it might be much easier to update than you think.

Here at Vapour Trail we create and update websites, mainly for small business. We recommend WordPress as a great business solution and we don’t charge the earth. In fact an initial consultation and a quote are completely free. There’s no pushy sales people (we literally don’t have any). We just want to meet up and find out what we can do for you.

If you need a new look, call us now 020 3129 6259 or email info@vapourtrail.biz

Featured image by Renata Salles

40 WordPress Themes To Choose From

A WordPress Theme is the set of instructions that defines how your website will look. It controls the font, layout, colours, module positions and all those other elements that determine the styling of the finished website.

You could have a bespoke theme created so the your website was completely unique, but that is likely to be relatively expensive and not a viable option for a new or small business.

The WordPress design community has created thousands of WordPress Themes and many are free to use, just download and use.

Our Small Business Website package includes the installation of a free theme. Just tell us which one you want and we will do the rest.

Which leaves one question; how do you choose? You could Google search “free wordpress themes” or you could follow the link to a list compiled by the nice people at Creative Bloq. So much choice …

I don’t need a website, do I?

It really depends on how you get your new business. If you are the sort of business that relies on adverts in Yellow Pages or Thomson, you probably need to think hard.

Have you noticed how small Yellow Pages is now? It’s about one quarter the size it used to be. Reason? Less people are using Yellow Pages and less businesses are advertising in it. Why? Because increasingly when people want goods and services, they use internet search engines, like Google and Bing, to find them. If you don’t have a website, those people searching on their computers, tablets and smartphones will never find you. There is evidence to suggest that most people under 30 NEVER use a paper directory.

That’s why Vapour Trail are making it easy to for small businesses to get a website. Our prices start at £249 to create a website and £10 per month to look after it.

You can afford that. Because you can’t really afford not to.

It’s a new website

Vapour Trail’s website has been re-designed. As much of our work is based on the WordPress platform these days, it made sense to use WordPress for our own website.

We believe WordPress is a great platform for business websites. It has a tremendous range of functionality to help you get the best from your website. As it’s a Content Management System (CMS), you can learn to use it yourself, train a colleague to make your changes, or get us to keep you up to date.

If your website is not working for you as hard as it should, make the step up to WordPress. We did!