A Successful Website

That’s what we all want. A website that tells your story, is full of content, is easy to find and provides a satisfying experience to visitors. Getting it right means the perfect combination of design, technology and content.


In the early days of the web, businesses would get lured into spending huge sums of money on complex, bespoke designs. Those days are gone. Now the emphasis is on clean, clear pages that make reading and navigation easy. Design is taken care of by themes which are often available for free.

Keep it simple and let your message shine.


Whilst your visitors might not care what technology you are using for your website, the effectiveness of that technology is crucial in delivering a good experience. If the website is fast and responsive, that’s because the technology is working well. Speed makes for a good user experience. It is also important in achieving good search engine results. Google and it’s competitors will rank speedy websites ahead of sluggish ones.


Do they promote your message or detract from it?

Text should be clearly written with correct punctuation and grammar. The content should be relevant to your message and properly indexed for searches.

Pictures should be properly exposed and sharp. Poor quality pictures are a massive turn off!

Video should be embedded or linked correctly to ensure that it promotes, rather than distracts from your message.

Content is king, as they say.

What We Do

Vapour Trail can help you at any point in your personal or business website journey:

We can create a simple website or blog to get you started.

If your needs are more complex, we can help you create a more complex website.

Our hosting uses Amazon Web Services, the same service as some of the biggest websites in the world. Your content will be easy to find, your pages will load swiftly and your website will create a good impression.

Do you have a website already and want to renovate it to a high standard? Let’s talk, 020 3129 6259